lunedì 13 ottobre 2008

[Last read book: Miss Alabama e la casa dei sogni - I Still Dream About You, by Fannie Flagg (2010, USA) - Maggie is a not yet old lady living in Birmingham, Alabama, working as a realtor, single, very beautiful (she once was close to be miss America) and extremely kind. Her extraordinary boss, Hazel, was a really good presence, an enthusiastic dwarf who had the ability to get wherever and whatever in life. Brenda and Ethel, her colleagues, can't suspect Maggie is planning to leave this world. But something happened... So cloudless and joyful.]
[Music playing: Guns N'Roses]
[Last read book: Molte vite, un solo amore - Only Love Is Real, by Brian Weiss (1996, USA) Brian Weiss is a therapist hit by the fact that his patients seem to regress to previous lives in different times and places: that's reincarnation. And souls bring with themselves some memories of those lives, so that some fears, pains or so in this life go back to other lives. Picking these memories out can help to untangle knots. Questions and fascinating points come out from this book.]
[Pill: "He seemed close to tears, and Mrs Ramotswe knew that the tea ritual, with the warm cup in the hands, would have helped the story to get clearer and would have appeased that nervous man's soul" "Sembrava prossimo alle lacrime, e la signora Ramotswe sapeva che il rituale del tè, con la tazza calda in mano, avrebbe aiutato la storia a dipanarsi e avrebbe placato l'animo di quell'uomo inquieto" from Le lacrime della giraffa - Tears of the Giraffe, by Alexander McCall Smith (Africa, 2000)]
[Pill: "What did he think he was doing? The Job, of course. The one that's in front of him. He'd always done it" "Cosa pensava di stare facendo? Il Lavoro, ovviamente. Quello di fronte a lui. L'aveva sempre fatto" from Nightwatch, by Terry Pratchett (2002, UK)]